How to Find Nonce from SHSH Blobs

Saving SHSH blobs is very easy to do using a tool called TinyUmbrella, a useful tool that helps you to downgrade your iOS firmware to a lower one. While this is simple, what follows isn’t quite so easy and is really only for those with a bit of experience. We’re going to show you how to use a new tool just released called NonceRead, an important tool for use in the process of restoring iOS firmware.noncereader

What is NonceRead ?

NonceRead, developed by Hacks4Live ( reddit ), is a tool used for the extraction of the nonce hexadecimal string in Windows. For those who are not aware, one vital part of the upgrade and downgrade process involves setting Nonce in NVRAM but before it can be set, the required hexadecimal string needs to be extracted from the text file for the relevant SHSH blob.

For advanced users, this really isn’t an issue but, for the beginners, it’s a bit more difficult and having a tool like NonceRead makes life so much easier.

Download NonceRead :

NonceRead can be downloaded using the link below:

NonceRead ( 79KB )

You will need a Windows PC for this and the SHSH blobs from your iOS device.

How to Use NonceRead to Find None :

Read through these steps before you try them and then make sure that you follow them as written:

  1. On your PC, find the file that contains the files for your SHSH blobs
  2. Pick any file and transfer it over to your desktop – make sure it is a file that relates to the iOS firmware that you want to downgrade to.
  3. Give the file the name of SHSH2
  4. Open NonceRead by clicking the icon on your desktop or by finding it in your files and double-clicking the .exe file. You will be shown the contents of the blob file – you will see a string of hexadecimal text in between the string tags – this is the nonce that you require
  5. At this stage, you can only see the hexadecimal string. To use it, you must first download and install a nonce setter application on your device, such as NonceSet1112.
  6. When you have installed the nonce setter, type in the hexadecimal string from NonceRead. nonceread

That’s all there is to it; you can now downgrade your device to your chosen firmware. It looks more complicated than it is but do make sure that you read through the instructions and understand them before you begin.

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