TinyUmbrella for Mac was was released to help us downgrade our devices and while the tool is still there, it is limited in what it can do. However, there is an excellent chance that it will be updated again in the future.

tinyumbrella mac osx

How Does Downgrading Work ?

Every firmware version that Apple releases have these SHSH blobs attached to it. Whenever they release a new firmware they give us a week to try it and decide if we want to downgrade before they stop signing the older firmware. Once they stop signing it, there are no SHSH blobs for it, making it impossible to downgrade.


TinyUmbrella was originally released as a tool that saved those SHSH blobs so that, at any time we wanted, we could downgrade to an older version of the firmware. The blobs were gathered in, stitched into a pre-signed firmware and saved for future use. This is no longer possible because Apple patched up the exploit used by TinyUmbrella. However, you can still use the tool for saving your SHSH blobs ad you should do because the developer has let it be known that there will be an update to the tool that allows us to use it for downgrading. What we don’t know is when that update will be released.

Why Use TinyUmbrella Now ?

Although this app can only be used for saving your SHSH blobs at the moment, there will come a time when we can start using those blobs to downgrade our iOS version. The recommendation is that you start using the app today and save your SHSH blobs every time you update your device; that way, when the update comes, you will be ready to downgrade.

Download TinyUmbrella on Mac OSX :

OSX App Only ( 2.1MB )

OSX Installer ( 2.6MB )

How to Use TinyUmbrella :

While TinyUmbrella is incomplete as a tool, it is still powerful and it can still be used for saving those all-important SHSH blobs. Get into the habit of doing it now and every time you update your firmware so that, when the time comes and TinyUmbrella gets its full toolkit back up and running, you will have the blobs you need to start downgrading.

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