How to Downgrade iPhone Using TinyUmbrella

TinyUmbrella is and always will be a very popular and powerful little tool. What is it for ? Well, many iOS users will already know that TinyUmbrella is used for saving SHSH blobs whenever a new firmware update is released and for then using those blobs to create a custom firmware, used for downgrading.

downgrade iphone using tinyumbrella

TinyUmbrella is incredibly easy to use , download it, connect your device and any blobs on your device will be saved automatically. You should get into the habit of using it every time you update the firmware on your device, even if the update is just a small one. Be aware that downgrading can only happen where Tiny Umbrella has the relevant blobs.

Use TinyUmbrella to Downgrade iPhone :

Follow these steps as they are written.

  1. First, download TinyUmbrella to your device – it works on Mac and Windows PC tinyumbrella download
  2. Save the file in a folder called Pwnage on your desktop
  3. Download the relevant iOS IPSW file , this is for the iOS version you want to restore your device to ipsw-ios-iphone
  4. Save that in the Pwnage file too
  5. Go to your desktop and open the downloaded app by clicking the icon
  6. Plug your iOS device in and wait for the app to detect it  tinyumbrella-app
  7. You will now see all the SHSH blobs for the specific firmware you are restoring to. If there are none, click the button that says Save SHSH
  8. Click Start TSS Server and wait. If the server doesn’t start, stop here – Do NOT continue following these steps. If the server does start, continue to the next step.
  9. tinyumbrella-app-
  10. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC
  11. Now place your iOS device into DFU mode. To do that, hold down the Home and Power buttons together for 10 seconds. Release the power button and hold the Home button for another 10 seconds.
  12. If you have more than one device listed with iTunes, click the name of the connected one from the left-hand menu itunes-device-summary
  13. If you are using Windows, press the SHIFT key, ALT if you are using a Mac and click on the Restore button in iTunes simultaneously itunes-restore
  14. Now navigate to your Pwnage file and click on the IPSW you downloaded; click Open 
  15. iTunes will start the downgrade process back to your chosen firmware.

Leave your device and computer alone until the entire process has finished and your iPhone or iPad has rebooted.

Fixing Errors :

There are two errors that you may encounter – Error 1 or your device won’t come out of Recovery Mode. In either case, this app can get you out of trouble :


  1. Download FixRecovery to your computer
  2. Extract the files
  3. Now download zlib.dll, save it to your existing Pwnage file and extract the contents
  4. Place your iPhone into DFU mode – see the steps above
  5. Look for the file called fixrecovery43.exe and click on it
  6. Leave the file to do its job – when it has finished your iPhone reboots and you can use it again.

As you can see using Tiny Umbrella really is very simple, as is fixing any errors you may come across. Just make sure you follow the instructions properly. Do let us know how you get on using Tiny Umbrella and follow us on Facebook for the latest in developer updates.


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