Fix is Damaged Error

TinyUmbrella is a popular app, used for saving SHSH blobs for the purpose of restoring to an older iOS firmware version. It is compatible with all iOS devices, Windows PC and Mac OS X. While most users seem to be very happy with the way the app works, some Mac users have found that they cant open TinyUmbrella or, when they do, it crashes straight away.

tinyumbrella app damaged

This is accompanied by one of two error messages, one saying is Damaged and another popup window that asks you to Sign in to use this application on this computer, requiring your Apple ID to work. Don’t worry because neither of these are big problems and can both be fixed easily. It happens because a security certificate used for signing the code may have expired; it certainly isn’t anything that you have done and tends to be more to do with the DRM. is damaged

Fix is Damaged Error :

This seems to affect the newer Mac OS X versions more than it does the older versions. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. The first step is to reboot your Mac computer and see if that clears the error message
  2. If it doesn’t, and you still see it, delete TinyUmbrella from your computer
  3. Now download the app for Mac again and open it
  4. You should find that the error message has cleared and you can use TinyUmbrella

Fix Sign In To Use This Application Error :

This time, it is the older versions of OS X that seem to be more prone to this :

  1. When you see the Sign In To Use This Application on This Computer error message, close the message and reboot your computer
  2. When it has rebooted, go to the Mac App store; you will need to use your Apple ID to log in and re-authenticate your Mac computer and any related apps
  3. Now try launching the app again; it should work without that message appearing

Fixing Errors By Killing Mac Processes :

fix mac damaged app issue

If you need to access the storeaccountd processes to kill them off, you need to go through the Activity Monitor. Alternatively, if you have experience at using the Terminal, you can open it and input the following line at the command prompt:

Sudo killall -v storeaccountd

OS X tends to run two processes for storeaccountd; one as user and one as root. Using the above command kills them both off together.

Hopefully, these steps have solved your error messages. If you come against any other problems and reinstalling TinyUmbrella doesn’t solve them, drop us a line in the comments box. Make sure you stay up to date with more content like this by following us on Facebook.

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