What is TinyUmbrella App ?

TinyUmbrella has always been a powerful and useful tool, once used for saving SHSH blobs and giving us the ability to downgrade our iOS devices.


What is TinyUmbrella :

All the fetaures of Tinyumbrella app explained visually.

what is tinyumbrella

Why Do You Need TinyUmbrella ?

While we cannot use the app to downgrade right now, we can still save those SHSH blobs for use in the future. TinyUmbrella’s developer, Semaphore ( twitter ), has said that the tool will be updated, he just has to find the right method to use for downgrading first and that takes time. You should start saving your SHSH blobs now though; that update can happen anytime and you really don’t want to be caught without any blobs to use for downgrading purposes.

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How TinyUmbrella Works ?

The key to understanding TinyUmbrella lies in understanding Apple. After a major iOS update in September, Apple then released numerous updates, each one a new version of the iOS. Each separate update has a set of SHSH blobs attached to it and it is these that make downgrading possible. After a new update is released, Apple gives us maybe a week in which to decide if we want to stay on it or downgrade back to the previous one; after that week, the previous firmware is no longer signed and the SHSH blobs disappear.

Those SHSH blobs are nothing more than a tiny bit of data downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad. In that data are details of your specific device and the firmware version the blobs relate to. When we use Tiny Umbrella to save those blobs, the tool puts them into an external file and keeps them there. When Tiny Umbrella had the facilities to help us downgrade, it would take those blobs and turn them into a custom IPSW file which contained the relevant firmware. Now, it can only save the blobs to an external file but they are stored in readiness for when they can be used to make those files again.

How to Tutorials :

As you can see, Tiny Umbrella is still a useful tool and you should be using it from now to save your blobs. Don’t get left behind; when the update happens, you won’t be able to downgrade if you don’t start using it now.

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